Bridging the Realm refers to the crossing over from one level of consciousness to the next,  higher, more awakened state of being.  It acknowledges that we are more than just this physical reality, by viewing the world through the eyes of ancient wisdom as taught by shamans, mystics and spiritualists of the world. The aim of this platform is to provide a window and an understanding of the non-physical realms of reality that govern our world and everything within it. It is a quest into the exploration of the unknown, mystical and magical. 


My name is Desi Kadra and I have two passions in my life: documentary and all things mystical. After working in Documentary TV and Film for over five years, I decided to continue as an independent filmmaker with the aim of integrating my favourite subjects in the best way that I know. 


I began to explore the study of metaphysics and spirituality five years ago, after a major life change led me to seek answers outside of the rational scientific approach to every day life. What the majority of us consider “taboo”, opened my eyes to realities and new possibilities that served as the catalyst for my work today. 


The more I dived into this journey of enlightenment, the more shocked I was at just how little of this information is actually made known to the public. The few times that it does, it so heavily filtered through our reductionist view of the world, that by the time it reaches anyone it is flat-out wrong!  Bridging the Realm aims to break this cycle of misinformation and empower people with the right kind of knowledge that will allows us to tap into higher aspects of ourselves and to step into our roles as creators, change makers and way showers of the world. 


In 2019, I founded the Katalyst Film Event which aims to explore the nature of our reality through films, talks and live interactive sessions.  We invite professionals from both the spiritual and scientific community to engage in powerful conversations that cover consciousness, the quantum world,  life after death, psychic mediumship and every field which goes beyond the limitations of modern materialist thinking.   Through interactive sessions where the audience get to participate and experience these subjects, the Katalyst aims to bridge the gap between physical and non-physical reality and how they interconnect.


To support this platform and help share the message with the world, become a patreon and make all future works by Bridging the Realm become a reality. 


For any questions, comments or if you are interested in collaborations, BTR would love to hear from you!!
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