" There is so much fear of death in the modern world because there is so little understanding of the soul as separate from the body and the mind. It is not that we have souls; we are souls born to fulfil a unique purpose or destiny in the physical world."  -  Soul Rescuers



Beyond the Veil is a feature documentary that seeks to reconnect us with our true, spiritual nature of who we really are, through exploring consciousness and what happens to the soul after death.  

According to the Buddhist tradition, death is a transition from one level of consciousness to another.  Beyond The Veil aims to explore this concept by offering a glimpse into the journey of the soul as seen from the perspective and personal accounts of the modern day shamans and healers, born with an ability to communicate with the spirit world.   So far science has only ever been able to touch on this theme through the study of near-death experiences.  Beyond The Veil takes the story one-step further and provides a platfrom for this ancient wisdom to be brought back into our troubled modern world. 


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