Oracle card reading

Oracle Cards are there to teach us the tools for living, put us in harmony with ourselves and offer us new ways of being in our life.  Whether you are in need of some general guidance or need help with a specific problem, these personal readings are designed to help you uncover any blocks, gain clarity and understanding of your path and provide you with the tools you need in order to step into a more empowered YOU.   


We all have the ability to heal ourselves and tap into our inner wisdom, however sometimes, external or internal factors can make this a little more challenging.  Oracle card guidance can be useful in allowing us to step outside of the box of our individual perspective and see the bigger picture of a current situation.  I love using a variety of different techniques and tools personalised for each person, that most closely resonates with your energy and needs. 

All sessions are recorded over Zoom and the recording will be sent you after the session. 


  • General life reading

  • Physical, emotional and mental blocks in your path

  • Influences that are blocking you currently

  • What is supporting you

  • Spiritual journey of life   


SPECIFIC QUESTION - 30min - £30 


Emotional clearing

Childhood emotional traumas and old negative patterns are the biggest reasons why we get stuck in life.  According to one of my favourite spiritual teachers, Teal Swan, emotional traumas are like the anchor on a boat.  No matter how much you try to paddle in the direction of what you want, you’re not getting anywhere because your traumas are keeping you stuck. They are points of attraction and keep us in a perpetual state of “I don’t deserve this” or “I’m bad”, “I’m selfish”, so the universe has no other choice but give to us more of the same.


The Emotional Clearing sessions offer a way to understand, heal and integrate any negative patterns that are holding us back in life. They release us from the holding pattern and allow us to manifest a more abundant life.  

What the sessions include:


  • A visualisation process that aims to get to the root of any emotional or mental block and begin the healing process.   

  • A step-by-step guided practice for you to continue the healing after the session

  • Manifestation practice that will help you realign with your highest potential (usually this will require a second session) 

  • Links to online material to support your further healing 

1hr SESSION    - £60 

1.5hr SESSION - £90 


If you would like to learn more about the above and see whether this will benefit you, feel free to book a FREE 15min session by emailing:  info@bridgingtherealm.com  with subject like BOOKINGS.  



For any questions, comments or if you are interested in collaborations, BTR would love to hear from you!!
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