Soul Rescuers

" The soul is our individual link with eternity. There is within all of us a silent knowledge that part of us never dies. This understanding that the death of the body does not mean the end of the soul’s journey has been common to all humankind since the beginning of time. This deep knowing is expressed through religion, ritual and prayer as the living seek ways to communicate with the beyond and the origins of immortality."  -  Terry O'Sullivan 

A Soul Rescuer is known as a psychic, healer, shaman, priest, mystic, visionary, pagan, Spiritualist, channel and exorcist.   Referred to as a walker between worlds, the soul rescuer rescues the spirits of the dead who are wandering ghosts or earthbound entities, that are trapped or lost.  Understanding the rules of co-existence with the otherworld, they have learnt to walk the dangerous path of death and rebirth while remaining faithful to their beliefs.


We are all affected by the energies around us. Whether it’s on a mental, emotional or physical level, now more than ever people are aware of just how much their environment affects both their health and well-being. Like many in the alternative field, Soul Rescuer Terry O’Sullivan believes it is important for more people to begin exploring questions beyond logic. The dimension of the spirit has always co-existed with our physical reality and is one that needs to be understood by everyone who wishes to take on the path of truth and self-enlightenment.

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"There is so much fear of death in the modern world because there is so little understanding of the soul as separate from the body and the mind. It is not that we have souls; we are souls born to fulfil a unique purpose or destiny in the physical world."  -  Terry O'Sullivan