Bridging the Realm  creates conscious media that brings down the veil between the physical and non-physical realms of reality.  It focuses on the overlooked, inspiring and mind-boggling stories of the world that seek to tell the truth and empower us into a more self-aware and conscious state of being. Bridging the Realm pushes the boundaries of what we consider possible, real and fact. By combining spiritual wisdom with scientific knowledge, we explore reality through the unseen dimensions of the quantum world, edging closer and closer to the higher realms of an unexplored universe.



Beyond the Veil - a unique story that seeks to reconnect us with our true, spiritual nature of who we are, through exploring consciousness and what happens to the soul after death.

According to the Buddhist tradition, death is a transition from one level of consciousness to another. Beyond The Veil aims to explore this concept by offering a glimpse into the journey of the soul as seen from the perspective and personal accounts of the modern day shamans and healers, born with an ability to communicate with the spirit world. 


Bridging the Realm explores what’s outside of our physical reality and how it affects us.  


We delve into some of the most challenging and stigmatised topics of the spiritual field, to reveal the truth behind the myths from those who have walked the difficult path to self-discovery. Join me every week as I engage in conversations with psychics, shamans, scientists and truth-seekers of the world. Each episode provides you with a fascinating story and practical tips and techniques on how to apply this knowledge into your own reality.


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